The EB Engineering Ltd. Story

EB Engineering Ltd. is a Canadian based manufacturer located in Sidney, British Columbia. Their products include the SunBeacon™ line of Solar Powered LED lighting for Marine, Highway, Rail, and numerous other applications. Company President Eddy Butler founded the company in 1998. He is a graduate Mechanical Engineer which is strongly reflected in the design of the products. He originally developed the lights for off road snow covered vehicles and soon found that the Marine sector was searching for a high quality state-of-the-art beacon.

EB Engineering Ltd. took the knowledge they gained from developing a light that worked at minus forty degrees and applied it to the new Marine Beacon models with exceptional results. The SunBeacon™ brand of Marine Beacons offer the most standard features available on the market today.

The SB101 is a self-contained, maintenance free 1 Mile Solar LED Hazard Light for Marine applications complete with value added features. These include a low voltage cut-off to protect the batteries from deep cycling. Charge indication, which consists of a quick, flash every 15 seconds to indicate that the light is charging and replaceable components such as the batteries and solar panel. As with all SunBeacon™ lights they can be factory programmed to any IALA flash rate or a user defined flash rate.

The SB202 is a self-contained, maintenance free 2 Mile Solar LED Hazard Light for Marine applications and has all of the features of the SB101 plus some special features of its own. The SB202 is the only 2 mile light with a built in pulse width modulated battery charger offered as a standard feature. This system will accept any 6-16 VDC source onto the bottom mounted sealed lugs and will quickcharge low batteries in less than 3 hours. These lugs can also serve to attach to an outdoor mounted solar panel in the event that the lights are used indoors. This provides all types of new applications for the lights such as lights in portable washrooms.

The charging system has an added bonus in that it shuts off the charging when the batteries are full thereby preventing the build up of heat inside the light that can damage the batteries. The SB202 comes with a standard on/off switch that allows the unit to be turned off when desired. It is also field programmable with the separate easy-to-use programming tool. This allows the user to change settings such as flash rate, intensity, and dusk/dawn levels without removing the light from its mount.

Unique to the SunBeacon™ line of lights is the built in feature of allowing a GPS input for synchronization. The lights will also accept Radio Frequency (RF) communications for short-range synchronization and monitoring of the system. Cable connections are also available providing a cost effective method of synchronizing and monitoring the lighting system.

EB Engineering Ltd. also manufactures a highway light called the SB104 Highway Barrier Top Light. Primarily used as active delineation on poorly lit sections of the road to provide drivers with the layout of the road before their headlights illuminate it. The SB104 has also been installed for use as driveway markers and pathway lights.

The smallest of the products offered by EB Engineering Ltd. is the SB105 Flashlight. It boasts long range and long battery life using 3 AA Alkaline batteries. Like all products the Flashlights are available in all 5 colours: red, green, amber, blue and white.

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