Model SB202
Range 2 Nautical Mile; 1 Nautical Mile Steady On.
Intensity 8 Candela Peak
Number of LED's 9 high intensity 100,000 hour life
Uniformity of Output +-33% in the Horizontal Plane, 360 degrees
Vertical Divergence 7 degrees in the Vertical Plane
Daylight Control Programmable, default set to 350 on / 250 off (Lux)
Flash Patterns All IALA flash patterns plus any user defined patterns
Autonomy 15 days on full charge, extreme overcast
Charge Indication 1 quick flash every 15 sec. to indicate charging, double flash when fully charged
High voltage cut-off Standard, prevents heat build-up when batteries are fully charged
Low Voltage battery protection Standard, goes into 24 hour Sunswitch mode to reset
24 hour Sunswitch Standard, for shipping on units without on/off switch
On/Off switch Standard base mounted
External Charge capable Standard, accepts any 6-16 VDC source on the underside lugs
Remote on/off Standard, can accept RF or cable controlled switching
Synchronization Standard, can be synchronized via cable or GPS system
Flash Timing Variance 1%
Life Expectancy 5 years
Temperature range -40 to +60 Celsius
Waterproof 33 feet / 10 meters, unit will float
Weight 2.0 lbs / 0.9 kg
Solar Panel Crystalline 14% efficiency 0.6 Watt
Minimum Sunlight 1.5 hours
EMI Immunity Radar, VHF, RF and Static Discharge
Replaceable Lens & Solar Panel Standard screw on lens
Batteries Sealed Lead Acid, replaceable
Magnetic mounting Optional

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