Model SB101
Range 1 Nautical Mile; 0.5 Nautical Miles Steady On.
Intensity 1 Candela Minimum
Number of LED's 5 high intensity 100,000 hour life
Uniformity of Output +-30% in the Horizontal Plane, 360 degrees
Vertical Divergence 8 degrees in the Vertical Plane
Daylight Control Set to 350 on / 250 off (Lux)
Flash Patterns All IALA flash patterns plus any user defined patterns
Autonomy 15 days on full charge, extreme overcast
Charge Indication One quick flash every 15 seconds to indicate charging
Low Voltage battery protection Standard, goes into 24 hour Sunswitch mode to reset
24 hour Sunswitch Standard, to prevent wasting power when shipped, automatically resets
Remote on/off Standard, can accept RF or cable controlled switching
Synchronization Standard, can be synchronized via cable or GPS system
Flash Timing variance 1%
Life Expectancy 5 years
Temperature range -20 to +50 Celsius
Waterproof 33 feet / 10 meters, unit will float
Weight 1.0 lbs / 0.5 kg
Solar Panel Crystalline 14% efficiency 0.38 Watt
Minimum Sunlight 1.5 hours
EMI Immunity Radar, VHF, RF and Static Discharge
Replaceable Lens & Solar Panel Standard screw on lens
Batteries Nickel Metal Hydride, replaceable

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